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2009 Amsterdam Colloquium

Very excited to be flying to Amsterdam this week to present a paper on imperatives at the Seventeenth Amsterdam Colloquium. For philosophers who are unfamiliar, this is a biennial conference in which the mean presentation tends to be, not surprisingly, in Amsterdam-style formal semantics.

I’ll be giving a paper on–again, not surprisingly–imperatives. The basic gist of the paper (certainly not original to me) is that the pragmatics of conditional imperatives is hard because of a misconception about the nature of illocutionary force: that we represent the force of an utterance by applying a force-operator (like assertion) to a force-less content (e.g., a proposition). Illocutionary operators behave more like modal-operators, I suggest. In particular, they can take restriction arguments, and they can “embed” (albeit not freely).

The paper (titled “Restricting and Embedding Imperatives”) is pretty formal, but, if you’re interested, is available on my webpage.

Happy holidays!

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