My Name

Please don't refer to me as "Nathan" (unless you're my mom or dad).  

Papers in Beta

Modus Ponens and the Logic of Dominance Reasoning
Trying to figure out how to think about the logic of Dominance reasoning. Working draft here.

Gradable Predicates of Experience
Expressivism for is tastylooks red, sounds like 'yanny', and the other gradable predicates of experience. Email for a draft. 

Published or Forthcoming

Grading Modal Judgment
Forthcoming in Mind.

The Spectre of Triviality
Forthcoming in Analysis.

Metasemantic Quandaries
Forthcoming in Meaning, Decision, and Norms: Themes from the Work of Allan Gibbard (Dunaway and Plunkett eds.).

Clause-Type, Force, and Normative Judgment in the Semantics of Imperatives
2018. In New Work on Speech Acts (Fogal, Harris, and Moss eds.), Oxford UP: 67–98.

Decision-Theoretic Relativity in Deontic Modality
2018. Linguistics and Philosophy 41: 251–287.

Triviality for Restrictor Conditionals
2016. Noûs 50: 533–564.

Decision Theory: Yes! Truth Conditions: No! 
2016. In Deontic Modality (Charlow and Chrisman eds.), Oxford UP: 47–81.

Prospects for an Expressivist Theory of Meaning
2015. Philosophers' Imprint 15: 1–43.

The Meaning of Imperatives
2014. Philosophy Compass 9: 540–555.

Logic and Semantics for Imperatives
2014. Journal of Philosophical Logic 43: 617–664.

The Problem with the Frege-Geach Problem
2014. Philosophical Studies 167: 635–665.

Conditional Preferences and Practical Conditionals
2013. Linguistics and Philosophy 36: 463–511.

What We Know and What To Do
2013. Synthese 190: 2291–2323.

Presupposition and the A Priori
2013. Philosophical Studies 165: 509–26.

Restricting and Embedding Imperatives
2010. In Logic, Language, and Meaning: Selected Papers from the 17th Amsterdam Colloquium (Aloni et al. eds.): 223–33. 


Practical Language: Its Meaning and Use
2011. Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Michigan.

Imperative Statics and Dynamics
2009. N.B.: Pretty wacky, but it is occasionally cited/mentioned to me. 


Review of Mark Schroeder, Expressing Our Attitudes: Explanation and Expression in Ethics, Volume 2
2016. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.

Review of Mark Richard, When Truth Gives Out
2014. Philosophical Review 123: 367–371.

Imperatives: What To Do
2012. Sinn und Bedeutung 17.

Should is Multi-Modal
2012. Comments on Kai von Fintel "The best we can (expect to) get? Challenges to the classic semantics for deontic modals" for Central APA Deontic Modals session.

Dynamic Analysis for Practical Language
2011. Eastern APA. 

Steps Toward a Theory of Imperative Meaning
2010. NYU Linguistics.

GN'R: Appetite for Disjunction
2009. Linguistics and Philosophy Workshop, University of Michigan. Preserved only for its title.