In the fall term of 2015, I taught a graduate seminar titled How to Think about Linguistic Meaning. In the past, I have taught graduate seminars on Expressivism, the meaning of Conditionals, and themes from Naming and Necessity



My teaching interests range from logic and the philosophy of language to epistemology and ethics. 

I am on leave during the Fall term of 2016. In the Winter term of 2017, I will be teaching an undergraduate Seminar on the Philosophy of Language (451S) and a course on Probability and Inductive Logic (246S). 

In the past, I have taught Epistemology (333), a third-year course on Logic (345), Philosophy of Language (350), a course on Puzzles and Paradoxes (258), Moral Philosophy (372), a year-long Introduction to Philosophy (105), and first-year course on Critical Reasoning (145).

While at the University of Michigan, I taught courses on the Philosophy of Religion and Moral Theory


Please email me for syllabi.