Note: I am on teaching leave until Fall 2019


Graduate  |  Graduate Department, University of Toronto

Most recently (2017), I co-taught (with Imogen Dickie) a seminar on the Philosophy of Communication. In 2015, I taught a seminar titled How to Think about Linguistic Meaning, on foundational conceptual/methodological issues in linguistic theorizing. I have also taught graduate seminars on Expressivism, the semantics of Conditionals, and themes from Naming and Necessity


Undergraduate  |  University of Toronto, Mississauga

My undergraduate teaching interests range from logic and the philosophy of language to epistemology and ethics. My recent teaching has included:

  • Probability and Inductive Logic (246)
  • Puzzles and Paradoxes (258)
  • Epistemology (333)
  • Mathematical Logic (345)
  • Philosophy of Language (350)
  • Seminar on "Problematic" Language (451)

I have also taught large sections of Intro (105) and Critical Reasoning (145). While at the University of Michigan, I taught courses on Moral Philosophy and the Philosophy of Religion.